Timo Mullen recently scored another “ Ireland Winter Swell ” session in the end of February where he scored amazing waves once again. Unfortunately the wind has been pretty light and gusty too
Philip Köster recently travelled to Japan for one week and scored some amazing sessions in Omaezaki, a former worldcup spot with "Starboard Tack" conditions. Looks like fun - check
Severne Sails Freestyler Amado Vrieswijk just uploaded a new shortclip with radical freestyle action. . “NB-20″ did some island hopping recently and scored a windy week on Aruba where this
Raimondo Gasperini had a “low wind” freestyle session at his homespot S.Agostino – Civitavecchia a few days ago. “Nothing special” you might think but Francesco Guglielmetti filmed “XRAY” with

Sarah Quita visits the Starboard Headquarters


Dieter van der Eyken (Starboard) and Rick Jendrusch travelled to Australia in late 2014 and beside a lot of training the 2 Severne Sails teamrider also stopped at the HQ of their sailsponsor
3 weeks ago I already published a “Pozo Clip” of the morenotwins here and now Daida uploaded her “Solo Mission” of one day at her homespot. You can expect the typical Pozo conditions with